Our Work

For the past 8 years the ULA has been working diligently towards the creation of a FREE, Independent and Prosperous United Cape States for all Capelanders (refer to the section 'People'), regardless of race, religion or political views. The ULA common-sense process is completely legal both domestically and internationally.

Work Completed

Identification of the group/s of people to be seceded (the "Who")

The motivation for these people to secede (the "Why")

Identification of the landmass area to be seceded (the "Where")

Economic viability of the Cape

That the identified areas can be controlled by a proposed system of government with formal structures and policies and will be economically feasible (the "How")

All possible internal remedies with the government of the mother country have been exhausted,

That the international community has been informed of the bid for freedom by secession,

Formed the Free Cape with like-minded organizations.

In Progress

That an indisputable mandate from the people indicating their desire for self-determination (the "will of the people") exists.