The ULA requires the formal support of 2 million Capelanders to collectively demand a referendum in terms of International Law on secession. In the case of failure by the South African government to agree to a referendum, the ULA will issue a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) and take back our freedom.


We are Conservative Libertarians, fighting to liberate Our people, regardless of race, religion or political views

The ULA is a Conservative Libertarian Civil rights organization, advocating the greatest possible economic liberty with the least possible governmental intervention or regulation upon social life.

“As Conservative Libertarians we prioritise liberty, promote free expression, freedom of choice and a free-market capitalism, whilst rejecting all liberal social engineering.”

Hein Marx

The ULA is following an internationally accepted legal process to separate the Cape* away from South Africa (the process of Secession). Our vision for this new nation proposes a government model that utilises the best components of various proven constitutions, including that of the United States of America, Switzerland, and Australia to ensure “minimum governance and maximum freedom”.

In this United Cape States, a small limited central government with 8 States and 1 Capital Territory, will be chosen by the citizenry who will direct their power over governmental laws and regulations.
The ULA requires the formal support of 2 million Capelanders who collectively demand a referendum in terms of International Law on secession. In the case of failure by the South African government to agree to a referendum, the ULA will declare a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) and take back our freedom.
“As Conservative Libertarians we prioritise liberty, promote free expression, freedom of choice and a free-market capitalism, whilst rejecting all liberal social engineering.”
Hein Marx
The ULA is a Conservative Libertarian Civil rights organization, advocating the greatest possible economic liberty with the least possible governmental intervention or regulation upon social life.

* See the details with regards to the areas included in our references to 'The Cape' or 'Capeland' in the section "The Cape".


We are very serious about Freedom.

For the past 8 years the ULA has been working diligently towards the creation of a FREE, Independent and Prosperous United Cape States for all Capelanders, regardless of race, religion or political views. The ULA common-sense process is completely legal both domestically and internationally.

“No earthly possession is more important than the freedom of our children.”
Elroy Baron
Vice President

Work Completed

  • We have formally identified the group of people to be seceded (the “Who”)
  • We have documented our grievances and motivation to secede (the “Why”)
  • We have identified the landmass area to be seceded (the “Where”)
  • We have verified the economic viability of the Cape
  • We have studied various government models, and positioned a government model that will ensure a smooth transition to a free and United Cape (the “How”)
  • We have exhausted all possible internal remedies with the government of South Africa
  • We have informed the international community of our bid for freedom by secession

In Progress

  • We are working towards unifying our people.
  • We are working with other organisations towards the establishment of an interim structure to facilitate the transition to the United Cape States.
  • We are working with other organisations towards an indisputable mandate from the people indicating their desire for self-determination (the “will of the people”).


International law and treaties generally accept any ‘group of people’ who by common belief and characteristics, as a common unit, are united by any one of the following commonalities: ethnicity, language, culture, religion or history.
Historically speaking, the same people have been the majority peoples in OUR region (The Cape) for almost two and a half centuries. Before the formation of South Africa in 1910 almost 70% of the Cape spoke either Afrikaans or English as their first language (Afrikaans being the predominant Language), clearly proving that OUR people are the common majority peoples in the Cape.
Let’s do an ‘OUR people’ test:

If you can check any of the following boxes below you are a Capelander, regardless of where you are currently residing:

  I am currently legally and permanently residing in the Cape, and was a legal resident of the Cape before May 10, 1994,

  I am a direct child or grandchild of a person that was a legal resident in the Cape before May 10, 1994;

  I am a descendant of either one or more of the following groups:

  • the region’s First Nations (Khoi or San), and I’m not a member of any predominantly Ba’Ntu Tribe (e.g. Xhosa),
  • slaves and other indentured persons who arrived in the Cape region before 18 January 1806,
  • European settlers who arrived in the Cape Region before May 10, 1994 OR who has, or whose family have resided in Southern Africa for at least 20 years.


The Cape First

The ULA advocates that the free Cape should always be self-governing, culturally distinct, and economically independent.

Legal Secession
We present a government model that utilises the best components of various proven constitutions, including that of the United States of America, Switzerland, and Australia to ensure “minimum governance and maximum freedom”. This implies that a small central government over 8 States and 1 Capital Territory are chosen by the citizenry who then direct their power over governmental laws and regulations.

Primacy of our Nation and People
The ULA will ensure that the interests of free Cape citizens supersede the interest of all other nations and states.

The ULA opposes all forms of corruption, where specifically governmental corruption or nepotism shall never be tolerated.

Citizenship & Political Rights
Citizens have an absolute right to opt for referenda to change governmental policy.

Source of political Power
All political power remains inherent in the citizens of the free Cape. All subsequent government or governmental power is founded upon this, and their authority instituted for their sole benefit.
Free Cape citizens possess and will forever retain the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government or governance in such manner as they deem expedient.

Economic Policies

Food Security
We believe that a vast, diverse, stable, and where required, subsidised agricultural sector must be encouraged.
To ensure food security farm owners are to be assisted by the NEW Government, who shall provide additional technical, advisory and access to financing for machinery to ensure quality product and productivity.

Asset Backed digital currency
We advocate for a dynamic New Financial System, a digital currency that combines hybrid blockchain technology with a precious metal backed asset-based currency, establishing a measurable intrinsic value.
This new currency will replace all fiat & crypto currency in the Cape.

The implementation of a central asset backed digital currency will transform banks from fake money creating organizations (FIAT notes) to intermediaries between savers and borrowers.
In the New Financial System, the Central Bank ceases to be the management of banking interest rates, managing instead the rate at which money is created.

The ULA believes that the free Cape should be the next Tax haven for companies and incorporations. We advocate for the creation of a “Companies and Trust Act” that will promote asset protection and provide for instant ‘re-incorporation’ within the free Cape. In exchange for incorporating a company in this safe haven, the free Cape may levy a small annual fee.

Labour Unions
The ULA believes in the freedom of association and collective bargaining. For this reason, the ULA are principally not in opposition to Labour Unions.
The ULA is however directly opposed to: i) the forcing of labor to join a union, ii) the compelling of a business or industry to recognise or comply with any such union.

Minimum wage
A minimum wage does not work in a federal system, as the costs of either production or living can be radically different depending on the specific region.
Moreover, regardless of any published minimum wage, the actual minimum wage will always end up being zero (if unemployed). The reason is that businesses operate within the constraints of a specific market, and any forced labour cost increase will invariably result in higher unemployment caused by increased mechanization.

Private Property Rights
Private property rights must always be respected. No government has the right to dispossess its residents of their property. In rare cases where the government must obtain private property in order to provide for improved services or infrastructure, a just and equitable market related compensation must be paid to the legal property owners.

The ULA advocates for the enactment of an Automated Transaction Tax (ATT) tax. ATT is a reduced, uniform tax on all economic transactions. It provides a simplified, base broadening, marginal tax rate reduction with the elimination of tax and information returns via the automatic "at payment source” tax collection system.
Following secession, the ATT will replace almost all income and value-added taxation immediately with this single, low-rate transaction tax on every transaction in the economy.

This will lead to further economic expansion from foreign investment capital.

In principle the ULA favours unrestricted trade, whilst recognising the need to protect and where necessary, nurture specific industries in the free Cape. This may require tariffs on specific imported goods and/or services, or to entirely restrict the importation of certain goods from countries known to dump surplus product that destroys our local industry e.g., China.
To protect and nurture our own services industry from offshoring to other locations, we propose the introduction of a withholding tax on all such payments made for services and royalties.
The ULA is in favor of playing an active role in the world economy, developing our ex-pat network, export market and trade agreements with all countries sharing our value system.

Opportunity Zones
The ULA supports the establishment of opportunity zones to address economic distress in certain areas. The government’s responsibility in these zones will be to ensure a safe, clean and friendly environment for residents and businesses. A major focus in these zones will be to spur economic growth through infrastructure upgrades, establishing or strengthening vocational training institutions and providing investor incentives.

Energy and Environmental Policies

The ULA is not trapped by the climate change hysteria; however, we do support efforts to conserve natural resources and protect human and environmental health.

The free Cape shall expedite the formation of a stable electricity supply, incorporating several alternative energy systems, thus providing low-cost electricity to every citizen’s home and business.
Private homes may legitimately and freely use private alternative energy thereby freeing up the national grid so that towns, industry and farms may draw off this cheaper electrical grid supply.
The free Cape shall certainly investigate the building of a 2nd nuclear power plant.

World class quality water must be supplied to every citizen at minimal cost. Solar energy is planned for large scale desalinization plants.

Homeland Security Policies

Border Protection
A nation without borders is not a nation, for this reason the ULA believes that protecting the borders of the free Cape is of the highest priority.

Immigration is an excellent tool to augment the professional / skilled workforce of the free Cape, attracting assimilable labour.
The criteria being - can the immediate descendants of any new arrival seamlessly assimilate into the dominant culture within one generation.?
Limiting the number of new immigrants to levels ensures assimilation, eliminating the creation of pockets of alien communities.
A point system should be implemented for the annual selection of top candidates.
In the free Cape, the ULA envisages that those who do not meet the initial criteria for automatic citizenship at secession, will be granted a non-race based permanent residency.
These residents may then apply for citizenship after 5 years of permanent residency, providing they meet certain criteria.

National Defence
The ULA believes in a policy of peace through strength. It is important that a strong military force be established. The ULA will look at a national service conscription period, which period of service will again lay the foundation for a disciplined society providing for continued vocational education. Ultimately this system will ensure that all members of society have gained basic skill sets to provide for their families.

Security and Safety
The ULA believes in a society with zero tolerance for criminality whilst fiercely advocating against the creation of a police state or police brutality.

Foreign Policy

The Cape should actively build relationships with all countries that share our value system and take a leadership position to distance ourselves from those that violate the rights of freedom that we stand for.
While taking our place in the international community, we shall leverage and equip one of our biggest asset, our ex-pat community.

Social Policies

Abortion and Birth Control
The ULA believes that life begins at conception but pregnancy by no later than implantation. Any destruction of life after implantation is murder and will be treated as such.
Government should provide its citizens with a minimum means of contraceptive assistance to avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Association and disassociation
This level of freedom allows for each free Cape citizen to be able to associate with, or disassociate from whomever they should choose.

Death Penalty
The ULA believes that the government should have the right to end the lives of those that do not respect and end the lives of others and cannot therefore be rehabilitated. This definition includes murderers, rapists, drug dealers, the treasonous and such.

Drugs & Drug dealers
All drugs whether available through prescription or not, can cause irreparable physical and psychological damage to the addicted. Any person found in possession of more than the prescribed statutory quantity will be regarded as a prima facie drug dealer.
It is the government’s responsibility to permanently remove such individuals from our society by execution.
Any person found in possession of drugs less that the statutory quantity, should not be regarded as a criminal but as a victim and should receive fair rehabilitation assistance.

The ULA will ensure that school and university education curricula will adhere to the highest international standards seeking to again excel international teaching standards, making the free Cape a world class educational leader, including theoretical and practical aspects for students.
Tertiary research projects must firstly benefit the free Cape and secondly the international community.

Freedom of Movement of People or Wealth
The ULA encourages the acquisition of personal wealth and the freedom to dispense of that wealth as the owner deem fit, including the freedom to travel and to live both locally and internationally.

Gun Ownership
Guns do not harm people, people harm people with guns.
Guns should never be regulated by government; however, government remains responsible to ensure the population is competent to carry and use firearms. Thus, the ULA proposes that firearm competency must be taught in school as a graduation requirement subject, commencing from an early age, so that every free Cape citizen over the age of 18 is competent to carry a firearm.

Competency certification must be renewed regularly focusing on the safe handling and legal ramifications of firearm use.
Any competent free Cape citizen may purchase, posses, use, sell or collect any firearm or related ammunition without restriction.


The ULA believes that healthcare is of utmost importance to the citizens of the free Cape, thus the ULA seeks the provision of the most advanced first world health care where orthodox and alternative medicine co-exist for the sole purpose of producing a healthy, productive nation.
The ULA seeks to revolutionise medical treatments at and for every sector of the free Cape society, actively moving our people away from a dependance on pharmaceutical drugs.
A complete revamp of the medical aid / medical insurance is demanded for the sole and singular benefit of the members of said medical aid / medical insurance. The ULA is of the opinion that medical aids / medical insurance companies should primarily be owned by its members, where medical aid / medical insurance companies no longer may own any interests in any medical service providers or pharmaceutical companies.
The ULA also notes that several independent studies prove that more than 80% of medical procedures and doctor visits are classified as non-emergency, meaning patients have the time to select the appropriate service for their needs. Patients should therefore have direct access to an online medical / surgical / orthodox / alternative exchange listing medical / surgical providers to easily search for procedures, surgeons, doctors, practices and all related costs / fees, as easily as the purchasing of an airline ticket.
To ensure affordability of prescription medication to the Cape Citizen, pharmaceutical wholesalers should be able to import such medication from anywhere in the world at no additional penalty tariffs.

The ULA seeks for a ‘common-sense’ regulation program where regulators are unable to be financially corruptible.
Medical tourism is to be highly encouraged.


Equality before the law
The ULA, like most countries, will provide for the formulation of laws by Legislative Council, who are approved by Judicial Council.
Citizens may exercise their immediate ‘veto-power’ by calling for a referendum to collectively vote, either approving or rejecting whichever law the citizens collectively feel government has implemented while overstepping their authority.
The ULA believes that when standing in judgement by the law a fair and just law enforcement system with speedy trials must ensue, as all free Cape Citizens are equal under the law.

The ULA will have zero tolerance for crime or criminals by openly advocating for the return of the death penalty and corporal punishment in the free Cape.

The ULA will provide an educated police force where candidates must present intellectual quality and good social and human interaction skills, while presenting strong moral ethics and judgement.

The ULA’s judicial system will ensure that a convicted criminal serves his sentence, whilst ensuring that once the sentence has been completed, and with the ‘debt-to-society’ paid, the citizen shall experience a ‘Tabula-Rasa’ or a ‘clean slate’ to be able to have a second chance to ‘… go, and sin no more…’.

Prohibition against Racism
No institution may racially discriminate against free Cape citizens. To this extend no free Cape citizen shall be classified by race, ethnicity, skin color, creed, gender or religion. The ULA believes that statistics on race should be illegal.
If the focus on race is shifted to problem solving, race will become a non-issue.

Even though our platform is based on Christian Judeo principals, we believe that every free Cape resident must have the absolute freedom to worship, believe or not believe, and be free to offer their opinion on such religion or belief.

Retirement Benefits
The elderly and people with special care needs will be properly cared for in top class facilities.
Every town is to acquire an ‘eco-butz’ system, where all residents are trained in agricultural and self-sufficient practices. These ‘eco-butz’s’ will also provide a safe living space for the aged incorporating frail care, rehabilitation, central kitchen, counselling, training, and education centers.

Speech and Expression
The only diversity that matters is diversity of thought. No government institution should be able to police free speech even if it offends, therefore Crimen Injuria should be abolished.

The ULA understands that if an individual is or has been vaccinated, that specific vaccine would by definition directly protect the vaccinated individual from the said disease being vaccinated against.
The ‘un-vaccinated’ would, by definition, then remain individually ‘unprotected’, however, the unvaccinated could pose no measurable threat of contamination to those ‘vaccinated’ individuals as their ‘vaccine’ protects them from the disease in question.
The ULA remains directly opposed to the idea of forcing free Cape citizens to take vaccines or to restrict the ‘unvaccinated’ from social interaction or participation, and the ULA declares that any such stance would instantly and directly contravene our free Cape citizen’s human rights which oppose Conservative Libertarian principles and for that reason will not be enforced or tolerated in the free Cape.

The ULA is driven to provide a ‘zero-unemployment rate’ via the ‘eco-butz’ systems strengthening and bolstering the economy. Thus, loitering, begging, public indecency etc. will never be tolerated in the free Cape.

The ULA requires the formal support of 2 Million Capelanders to collectively demand a referendum in terms of International Law on secession, failure by the South African government to agree to a referendum, the ULA will issue a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) and take back our freedom.