Elroy Baron

Vice President

Elroy Baron is an accomplished political and Khoi Leader. He is currently a Councilor of the Mossel Bay municipality and elected Chief of the Gouriqua tribe since 2007, where he tirelessly works towards ensuring a prosperous future for the indigenous tribes. 
His tenure as Correctional official started in 1986 and culminated in his appointment as Head of Correctional Centre in 1997 in Oudtshoorn, Western Cape.  Affirmative Action and the detrimental effect it has on his community, prompted him to resign and focus on pursuing goals towards solving the challenges his communities face due to marginalization.
Elroy joined the Khoi indigenous movements in 1999 and became the Western Cape leader of CONFILSA (Congress for first Indigenous Leaders South Africa) in 2013.
As Vice President, Elroy can fulfil his vision of a free and independent Cape nation of influence by being a key driver towards independence.